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Olive Oil 227g

Categories Hair Growth Treatments
Productnumber: 1008
Manufacturer: ORS
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Organic ROOT Stimulator™ has taken hydrating botanicals and blended them with olive oil into a vitamin-rich crème that replenishes the "natural" moisture balance of the hair. Proclaimed as "liquid gold", olive oil has been used for over 5000 years as a healing elixir, restoring new life to anything it touches.
Olive Oil infuses moisture directly into the scalp and hair shaft, quenching the thirst of extremely dry hair. With consistent use, your hair will begin to show improved elasticity, moisture balance and longer lasting shine. Excellent for medium to coarse hair textures; relaxed, pressed, curly perms and color-treated hair.

Olive Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, it infuses moisture directly into the cuticle.

Part hair and apply a dime six amount of Olive Oil into scalp and massage vigorously. Brush gently to insure even distribution from root to ends, paying particular attention to the ends of hair.
Apply to ends of hair nightly before rolling or wrapping hair. Cover hair with scarf to retain moisture. THERMAL STYLING:
Use Olive Oil to protect the hair from the heat of curling irons, blow-dryers and pressing combs. Apply a small amount to each section of hair before styling to provide heat protection and enhanced sheen.

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