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IC Hair Polisher Olive Moisturizing Spray Sheen

Categorieën Styling Producten / Sheen Sprays
Bestelnummer: 2106
Merk: Fantasia
Winkel adviesprijs:€ 7,22
Onze prijs:€ 4,96

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WAARDERING: 2.5/5 (total 4 votes)
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The incredible olive has been used for thousands of years on hair, scalp and body for moisturizing and nourishing, dry skin and hair. Throughout history, the noblest families used this miracle ingredient they refer to as "Liquid Gold".

SAVE YOUR HAIR! BRING IT BACK TO LIFE! Today, olive is used in numerous formulas, because of it's essential, fatty acids, antioxidants and glycerides, which strengthen and repair hair, while protecting against breakage from chemicals and heat appliances.

DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER! Hair Polisher Olive Moisturizing Sheen Spray is lightweight and isn't only or greasy. It's enriched with vitamins, olive and proteins to repair, rebuild and renew, dry, damaged hair instantly with just a few sprays! Get faster, longer, grwoing hair with Olive Moisturizing Sheen Spray! Experience the best, jewel like, shine ever!

Olive Moisturizer isn't oily or greasy. Protects hair against chemical and heat appliance abuse. Repairs, strengthens and shines damaged hair.
Drench your thirsy, dry hair today with a blast of vitamins and silk protein! Olive Moisturizer works great on natural hair styles.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Hold can 10-12 inches from hair and spray evenly. Brush or comb through hair and style as desired. FOR DRY SCALP: Part hair. Spray directly on scalp. Spray on wet hair before drying for a soft, silky feel.
Spray on roller sets or wrapped styles for a beautiful shine.
Spray on twists, locks and braids to condition and shine.
Spray on scalp to relieve tightness and itch.

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