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Black Bees-wax 213g

Categorías Hairwax
Referentia: 5454
Marca: Dax
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Informacion del producto:

Black Bees-Wax formula is fortified with Royal Jelly and Pure Beeswax. This luxurious emollient shines, moisturizes, holds, and protects your hair. Black Beeswax is a fusion of our original Beeswax formula with maximized strength and hold that allows you to braid, coil and lock your tresses with confidence. Black Bees-Wax is great for pressing and curling too.

Royal Jelly — Royal Jelly is a naturally derived ingredient that is high in amino acids, glucose, protein, and vitamins. This powerhouse nutrient has been known to help improve hair health by strengthening and nourishing hair from root to tip. Pure Beeswax — Has been known to help make hair stronger and thicker. Beeswax can also help build the volume of hair in order to provide improved control and texture to hair for a particular desired style. Beeswax can give additional shine and glossy appearance to hair and offer extra protection. The presence of the wax coating and antioxidants help protect the hair from harm and damage created from everyday styling, environmental factors and conditions. Beeswax can also help provide added lubrication, moisture, hydration, and softness to hair.

Usage Instructions: Massage Black Bees-Wax into hair and scalp and style as desired. Works great for; braid ends and dread locks. Works well with most hot tools for curling and pressing hair.

Hair Type/Syles:
Curly or coarse hair structures
All hair lengths
Braids, Dreadlocks, Curling and Pressing Hair, Mohawks, Pompadours and other 50s’ styles

Expected Result:
Locks moisture into hair
Healthy, shiny hair
Smoother dreadlocks and braid-ends
Adds color depth and richness, controls and holds desired style, helps maximize hair strength

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