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No-Lye Relaxer Super

Categorieën Relaxers & Permanent
Bestelnummer: 2052
Merk: Dr.Miracles
Winkel adviesprijs:€ 12,20
Onze prijs:€ 7,99

Gemiddelde waardering:

  • Currently 3.60/5

WAARDERING: 3.6/5 (total 5 votes)
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Dr. Miracle's No-Lye Relaxer System allows women to achieve the "straight look" safely at home while making their hair more manageable and ready for a variety of today's popular hairstyles.The company's proprietary Thermalceutical Complex "Feel It" formula is applied as a last step.

The product's exclusive formulation, which tingles gently upon application, invigorates the scalp and goes beyond merely repairing dry, dead hair by focusing on the hair follicle (where growth begins) to achieve optimal treatment results and scalp rejuvenation. The "Feel It" formula includes antioxidants, amino acids, proteins and anti-inflammatories to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, promoting strong, growing hair while preventing any itching or irritation on the scalp.

· Promotes strong, shiny, healthy growing hair.
· Stops breakage.
· Promotes a healthy moisturized scalp as well.

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